Road Side Assistance

Ford Roadside Assistance

Ford Motor Company gives you peace of mind with the complimentary roadside assistance program during the new vehicle limited bumper to bumper warranty period (3 years or 36,000 miles) With this many services are offered for your safety. These services include; towing, jump start, fuel delivery, lock out assistance, flat tire change. All Ford Extended Service Plans come with 24 Hour Road Side Assistance. If you are here looking for the number it is: 1800-241-3673


Your car is not working and you don’t know why. Rest easy because with the Ford Roadside assistance plan all you have to do it make the call and they will be there. They will also be there if you are in a collision, and if you are out of warranty you can still call and know that someone will come to your rescue.

Battery Jump Start

You just bought a new car and now the battery is dead. Even a good battery can go dead without any warning and for no good reason at all. It’s ok! With Ford Roadside Assistance they will give you the jump your vehicle needs to get on the road again.

Fuel Delivery

You thought you could make it to the next town didn’t you? Now you are out of gas and there is no gas station in sight. Well, with Ford Roadside Assistance you don’t have to leave your car to hike to the nearest gas station. Just make the call and Ford will bring the gas to you…FREE!!

Lock Out Assistance

It is embarrassing, but it happens. Your kids were playing with the locks again and now your keys are locked inside and you are outside in the grocery store parking lot. With a simple phone call Ford will send someone to unlock your car and get you in again, so your can get on the road again.

Flat Tire Change

You knew you should have listened to your dad when he was trying to show you how to change a tire, but now, even if you remembered you are all dressed for that business meeting and it would take you forever! Not to worry, Roadside Assistance will be there shortly to change that tire for you and get you where you are going on time.